Fir industrial board ensures no splitting when handling.
Illustration 1: Shows cracks surrounding the 1–3/4” flathead screw are common when using ordinary pine particle board. This is unacceptable at Kaemark

Kaemark applies unique edge protectors on wet stations to guard against water damage.
Illustration 2: Water can easily collect and seep into the wood of your shampoo equipment, causing warping and rotting. kaemark’s edge protectors prevent this needless damage.

Higher foam density and thickness prevents “bottoming out”, plus unique plastic film between foam and upholstery eliminates drag and enables foam to rebound faster.
Illustration 3: Shows Kaemark’s foam density is 1.8 vs. 1.4 industry standard. 7–ply 5/8” vs. 5–ply 1/2” seat bucket ensures that the seat maintains its shape.
Kaemark is highly dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive their goods in perfect condition. Most units are packaged with corner guards, on wooden pallets, and many shipments are carried by private freight lines. Most KwikShip items can be shipped within 48 hours upon receipt of purchase order submitted by your Kaemark distributor. Please allow 7–10 business days thereafter for delivery. Please consult your distributor for projected shipping and delivery dates.
All Kaemark products are warranted for a period of one year from the date of sale from Kaemark to the distributor except the following:

Hydraulic pumps carry a limited warranty of:
  • 7–years for the Sophia, Giselle, Matisse & Eloquence.
  • 5–years for the Monet, Monaco, Volante, Westfall
  • 3–years for the A La Carte & Brio.
Reclining back mechanisms carry a limited warranty of:
  • 5–years for all Kaemark lines but A La Carte & Brio
  • 3–years for A La Carte & Brio
  • Dryer motors and hoods are warranted for one year except when failure is due to NOT changing the dryer filter every 4-6 months.
WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER damage caused by water, fire, discoloration, fading, staining of vinyls or laminates. Also, warranty is not covered where there is evidence of improper plumbing or installation, mishandling, abuse or misuse of equipment.
  • The Kaemark 3/4” Kurative™ anti-fatigue mats are warranted for 5 years by the original manufacturer from the original date of purchase by the original purchaser against:
a) “wear-through” of top elastomeric surface.
b) Separation of elastomeric skin from foam core, from normal use, as outlined in our product literature.

Any warranties offered by Kaemark’s suppliers and notmentioned above are not covered by Kaemark’s warranty. Only defective parts will be replaced. Labor costs are not covered. All defective merchandise must be returned to Kaemark to receive warranty credit; otherwise, warranty invoices must be paid. All freight costs on warranty issues that occur within 45 days of purchase will be the responsibility of Kaemark in both directions. After 45 days of purchase, the buyer is responsible for the freightto return the defective products to Kaemark for the remainder of the first year. After the first year, buyers are responsible for all freight(both to and from). Warranty applies only to original purchaser and is not transferable.
“Uncle Sam” may reward you with a big tax deduction if you buy new salon equipment. Honest! The government passed this legislation to stimulate new growth in the industry and you can benefit from it each time you purchase new Kaemark equipment. Ask your accountant for details!
You can either purchase your equipment with cash, charge, or you can finance it. There are numerous financing companies who specialize in providing financing for salon owners. By applying on the phone, you can determine immediately what line of credit you qualify for, and what your monthly payments
might be. Applying is fast, easy, and convenient. Do NOT be discouraged if you have blemished or limited credit history.
Get yourself off to the right start by applying today!
$50 Manufacturer’s Rebate applies to F-05, J-25-S, EP-205A, EP-05B, LA-205MP/non-Brio seating/LC-1051 Bundle. Rebate forms are available at your trusted beauty distributor,
• Offer valid October 1, 2007 through March 30, 2009.
• Accept delivery of purchase within 90 days.
• Rebate postmark deadline is 30 days after purchase.
• Rebates must be accompanied by a PROOF of SALE
sales receipt.
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