Pibbs Industries

The Petruccelli Group put down its roots in the USA in the 1950’s with a dream and a vision.

The dream was to reunite the family, the brothers and sister had come over from Italy at different periods, and the vision was to create a business based on the commitment to offer to the industry quality products, service and always deliver on what was promised. Coming from the hairdressing world, they knew the needs of the beauty industry and they always made it a point to manufacture products that are strong, durable and reliable, not neglecting the design, comfort and

In the 1960’s the Petrucelli brothers and sister moved from hairdressing to selling beauty products. It was not easy to travel miles after miles from salon to salon demonstrating new tools, selling new ideas and products. The hard work started to pay off when the “Petrucelli International Beauty and Barber Supply” store opened. The Petrucelli Group created an environment where everyone worked together, and the hairdresser could always find a friend who understood what they needed. The modest beginnings gave rise to a regular import-export of professional beauty products and equipment. In 1968, the Petrucelli Group expanded their idea of personal service into “Pibbs Industries”. This expansion allowed for the manufacture of everything that hairdresser or the barber would require.

Today, PIBBS Industries, Petrucelli Beauty Depot, and Turbo Power, employ over 300 people in all areas of manufacturing and distribution. PIBBS Industries has gone on to become a world’s known company that operates only in the professional field, by hairstylists for hairstylists. It is with great pride and devotion that that the Petrucelli family continues to work together in building a future filled with new and innovative products and avant-garde styles, as well as educate the
professional on new products for hair, skin and nail care.


Pibbs Industries' Equipment and Products are designed and distributed for Licensed Professional use only. Any installations are to be made by a Licensed Professional Contractor or Licensed Plumber.  In addition, all items that are to be affixed to a permanent structure (i.e. wall arm) must be done so by a
licensed professional contractor. Proof of such installations must be supported by a copy of a Paid Invoice by the Contractor/Plumber.
Failure to follow the above instructions will render any and all warranties NULL AND VOID.

• All items manufactured by Pibbs shall be warranted for a period of 12 months after date of purchase.

• The exception being all Hydraulic Pumps which have a 24 month Warranty Period.


• Any labor costs not performed by Pibbs' personnel that are related to Warranty issues are the sole responsibility of the final purchaser.

• Pibbs' Warranty does NOT apply to defect in parts due to ordinary wear and tear, actions of persons or entities other than Pibbs or damages incurred due to transportation of goods.

• Pibbs' Warranty is NOT transferrable.

• Under Pibbs' Warranty, all shipping and handling charges - including courier charges- related to the warranted item shall be the responsibility of the final purchaser.

• Pibbs' equipment is carefully manufactured and warranted against defects.

• All items are carefully inspected and packaged for shipment in perfect condition. In the event that the item has sustained any damage during transport, it is the sole responsibility of the consignee to make a notation regarding the shipment for any visible damages on the delivery Bill of Lading, and to carefully inspect the shipment for any concealed damages which must be reported to the carrier immediately.  Failure to do so will impede the consignee’s efforts to make a proper claim with the carrier as their rules are strictly enforced.

• Should an item need to be returned to Pibbs, A Return Authorization Number (RA#) MUST be obtained from Pibbs and be duly noted on all packages and communications. All returns are subject to a MINIMUM 20% RESTOCKING FEE.

• Any unauthorized returns will be refused and returned at the consignee's expense.


• Pibbs Industries reserves the right to modify product designs and components WITHOUT prior notice.

• Pibbs Industries is Not responsible for any typographical errors.

• Pibbs has 35 Designer Stock Vinyl Colors..Please request a swatch chart. Some chairs have limited color choices as noted in catalog.

• Pibbs has 12 decorative laminate shades available upon request. For quick shipment please note colors indicated in catalog.
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